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Primary Functions of Call Centers

The primary functions of a call center can be classified into one of six categories:

1. Customer Service. The function of a customer service center is to provide assistance regarding a companyís or organizationís products or services.

2. Telesales. The function of a sales center is primarily to generate revenue through the sale of the companyís goods and services through inbound calls, outbound calls or both.

3. Technical Support. The function of these centers is to provide assistance in using a customerís products.

4. Dispatch. The function of a dispatch center is to take an inbound call and in turn engage a resource to address the problem or customer need.

5. Collections. The function of these centers to contact customers with the primary purpose of collecting money or funds.

6. Research. The function of a research center is not to sell or support a product but to conduct research for the company or outside organization.

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